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As many of you know, after much thought and careful deliberation, Austin and I have decided to leave the Jivamukti brand after 7 years of running Jivamukti Yoga Center Jersey City. This was not an easy decision but necessary for our financial well-being. Over the years, a dramatic increase in the number of studios in the area combined with the emergence of discounted programs made if virtually impossible to sell memberships. 2019 was especially difficult and at the end of the year, the NYC school shut its doors. Just as we thought we had rounded the corner in the beginning of 2020, we were notified of the upcoming franchise fees. There were also shifts in the method and branding by Jivamukti Global and they concerned us. Then COVID 19 struck and we were devastated. We now believe to survive financially our path must follow a new model. This decision necessitates us leaving Jivamukti. We are grateful to Sharon and David for creating a beautiful method and to all the many amazing teachers who worked at our center and supported us. We had many successes over the years, brought a wide variety of events to Jersey City under the Jivamukti banner. Moving forward we will be known as Urban Sadhu Yoga. We will always honor and respect the lineage that we came from and its commitment to veganism and animal activism. We are not leaving in anger or resentment as so many in the past years have. The many socio-political issues we face at the present time in the US are totally different from Europe and require a new voice and new type of activism in American Yoga. We leave with a great respect for Jivamukti and its commitment to veganism and animal activism and we will continue in this direction with Urban Sadhu with an expansion into the many complex social issues facing us in the US today. We wish the Jivamukti Brand all the very best in these difficult times and hope you all emerge from the pandemic stronger, wiser and better equipped to move forward.

Om Namah Shivaya,
Austin & Bobby