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Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Gateway Teacher Training

The 75 hour Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Training is a gateway training into the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Method. The training is a 5 units, each unit is 15 hours commitment plus. This short gateway yoga teacher training is perfect for a first time yoga teacher training, for a yoga teacher looking for continuing education or someone who is looking to explore the foundations of the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Method.


Urban Sadhu Yoga™ 75 hour Teacher Trainings will provide you with a roadmap for incorporating the physical, psychological, and  spiritual aspects of yoga into your modern yoga practice and teachings. Urban Sadhu Yoga™ focus on a non-dualistic point of view of the world (the oneness of all beings), uniting us instead of dividing us.  This awakens in the practitioner not only the need to protect the environment, animals, the planet as well as those our more vulnerable in our society, as well as teaching skills to confidently achieve those goals within the classroom and outside of the classroom.


The Urban Sadhu Yoga™ 75 HR Teacher Training provides a practical foundational introduction to teaching the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Method, based around the unique Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Express Class sequence, a scripted set vinyasa.

Who can participate in the USY 75 TT?

• Those new to teaching yoga and those with experience and certifications in other yoga lineages are welcome to sharpen their practical teaching skills and learn how to teach the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Express class.

• You want to bring your yoga practice to a deeper level of understanding of the Urban Sadhu Yoga Method.

• You are interested Satsang (community), spending time with like-minded people who are interested in yoga.

• Students who are interested in seeing yoga practice from the teacher’s perspective.

• You are interested in taking the 300-HR Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Training, but would like more experience with the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ method before signing up for the 300-HR program.

• You have taken a 200 hr. Teacher Training elsewhere, and would like to delve deeper into the teachings of yoga and obtain more knowledge.

• You are a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher and you need Continuing Education Credits (*please note that the availability of CE credits may vary).

Can I take the USY 75 TT online?

No. This is an in-person yoga teacher training only. If this is your first yoga teacher training we highly recommend you choose an in-person teacher training over an on-line teacher training. Teaching yoga is a interpersonal skill, we do not believe that can be achieved in a virtual setting.

What are the prerequisites for the USY 75 TT?

Applicants must have practiced the Urban Sadhu Yoga® Express Class a minimum of 10 times within the last 6 months, prior to the beginning of the teacher training orientation. You must provide documentation that this prerequisite has been completed. Documentation can be provided in various ways, for example by providing MindBody class attendance printouts, or a log with dates classes were taken initialed by the teacher(s). If you are unable to practice with a local Urban Sadhu Yoga® teacher or studio, we invite you to access our online Urban Sadhu Yoga® classes online through MindBody or at USYogaLive.com.


  1. The Urban Sadhu Yoga Chant Book, edited and interpreted by Austin Sanderson
  2. The Art of Yoga Assists, by Sharon Gannon and David Life
  3. Yoga and Veganism, by Sharon Gannon


  1. Urban Sadhu Beauty’s Tranquility Lavender Lotion
  2. Urban Sadhu Beauty’s Invigoration
  3. Your personal yoga mat

You will receive a USY 75 TT Student Manual from us, but we strongly advise you to bring a spiral-bound notebook for extra notetaking, along with a pen and pencil.

All reading requirements can be found on Amazon for purchase. Urban Sadhu Beauty’s products can be bought at the Urban Sadhu Yoga Shala or on the Urban Sadhu Yoga website.

What is in the USY 75 TT Curriculum?

The curriculum of this training consists of 5 units; each unit is a minimum of 15 hours. Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate of attendance for 75 hours of training in the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ method. (*Please see separate detailed section below on the types of certification that can be achieved through this training). You will receive a training manual with an overview and summary of the curriculum content along with your homework assignments. The daily schedule consists of 5.5 hours of teacher training at the studio, a lunch break, and 2 hours of homework that you need to work on by yourself.

Every day of the training begins with a short meditation and an exploration into a topic of yoga philosophy and a mantra that is essential to the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ method. There is a daily practice of the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Express Class, followed by a practical session on alignment, teaching methods, hands-on assists, and/or a philosophy lecture. The focus of this training will be on teaching you how to teach, and on the specific methodology of Urban Sadhu Yoga™ This way, upon successful completion of this training, you should be able to teach an Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Express Class with skill and confidence.

As part of the curriculum of the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ 75 hour Teacher Training, our goal is for you to learn:

  • How to teach the exact sequence of the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Express Class.
  • How to teach the Ten Step Warm-up at the start of the class type.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of Vinyasa and its 5 elements need for Vinyasa in the Urban Sadhu™ Yoga Method.
  • How to apply and teach according to Vinyasa Krama.
  • How to give safe assists for the asanas within the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Express Class.
  • The foundations of the six pillars of the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ method (Sadhana, Ahimsa, Svadhyaya, Dhyana, Aikyam, Dharma).
  • The deep understanding of the tree Sanskrit mantras that are quintessential to the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Express Class and method.
  • What yoga asana is important and needed in our modern times.
  • How to properly receive and give feedback from/to others.
  • How to present yourself as yoga teacher.
  • Deepen your participation in the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Satsang (community)™

What happens if I miss part of the training?

For all classes/sessions/parts of this course it is crucial that you arrive on time. There will be no (partial or full) refund of the course fee if you miss any classes of the course. The main requirement for successfully completing the training and receiving the certificate is that you need to “show up” and “be present” and engaged at all sessions, complete all homework, learn the sequence, and participate in the final review.


 Please note that participation will be monitored, and a certificate of completion will only be issued if you take part in the full 75 hours of this course. It is up to the discretion of the hosting shala and the facilitator of the 75 Hour training to grant a reasonable extension for a student to complete any work or to deny giving a student a certificate for stating the reason(s) in writing.


However, in case of missed classes, sessions, regardless of the reason for missing them, the certificate will only be issued if they have been completed, which might involve an additional fee to compensate the facilitator for taking the time to re-teach the missed parts of the program.

Is the 75-Hour Urban Sadhu Yoga® Teacher Training Yoga Alliance certified?

No. There are multiple reasons why Urban Sadhu Yoga™ does not feel the need to be Yoga Alliance certified. However, you may request Yoga Alliance certification from them.

What is the payment of the fees and how can I pay?


Price: $1550.00 USD

You can pay for the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ 75-hour Teacher Training online or at the Urban Sadhu Yoga Shala. We can arrange a payment schedule but all fees must be paid before the beginning of the training.



Please note: The tuition fee does not include the test class, which must be passed in order to be authorized to teach the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Express class at an Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Shala or at another studio, gym, or fitness facility.

Refund Policy: Partial or full refunds can be given under very extenuating circumstances. The host shala will determine the best course of action under such circumstances using the most compassionate approach to the students.   


Does Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Training offer any scholarships for the USY 75?

No, there are no scholarships for the 75-hour gateway teacher training.


What if I wish to attain the 300-hour Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Training also?

Credit Towards 300HR Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Training (full Urban Sadhu Yoga™  Teacher Certification) can be applied within one year’s time of attending the Urban Sadhu Yoga™  75 hour.

See detailed overview below:


Credit Towards 300HR Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Training (Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Certification)

If you choose to go forward with 300HR Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Trainings and complete the 300hr program, the fees you paid for your 75HR training will be offset against your 300HR tuition as follows:

— Sign up to 300hr USYTT within the  one year of  your 75hour TT completion: $1,162.00 offset (75%)
— Sign up to 300hr USYTT after the first years of your 75hour TT completion: $775.00 offset (50%)
— Sign up to 300hr USYTT more than two years after 75hour TT completion: 0 offset (0%)


NOTE: The 300 Hour TT Early Bird Discount cannot be combined with 75HR TT offset incentive. I.e. if you signed up with an Early Bird Discount for the 300 Hour TT, your 75HR TT discount will be $300 less.


What are the dates of the upcoming 75-hour Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Training?


Dates: February 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27. March 5, 6 2022

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