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Urban Sadhu Yoga™ 300 hr Teacher Training

Are you for a comprehensive 300 Hour yoga teacher training?

The Urban Sadhu Yoga™ 300 hour Teacher Training with Austin Sanderson and a team of highly qualified guest teachers, mentors, and experts is designed to help you reach the goals you are seeking in your modern yoga practice.


A prospective Urban Sadhu Yoga™ teacher is someone who has a burning passion to learn about yoga and would like to dive deeper into the subject of yoga with a teacher training that offers a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the yoga tradition in its totality. The goal of sharing that knowledge with others is ultimately what an Urban Sadhu Yoga™ teacher wishes to do. An Urban Sadhu Yoga™ teacher wants to make a difference not only in their lives but in the lives of others and the world around them. The Urban Sadhu Yoga™ 300-hour yoga teacher training offers the skills to achieve these goals. This 300-hour active and participatory based yoga teacher training is designed to offer the prospective teacher the skills and tools needed to be a dynamic Urban Sadhu Yoga™ teacher. The Urban Sadhu Yoga™ 300 hour teacher training focuses on natural gifts that are unique to the trainee. At the same time, the training will enhance diverse skill sets that a prospective teacher did not know they possessed. This allows the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ teacher to be an instrument of positive change not only in the yoga class room but in life and the world around them.


A Comprehensive System

You will learn an integrated yoga system that values the ancient authentic teachings of yoga traditions, its diversity and its holistic and naturalistic approach to life and spirituality but is taught in the framework of a contemporary, scientific point of view.

The Urban Sadhu Yoga™ 300 hour Teacher Training is good for those who wish to deepen their yoga practice and knowledge while becoming a yoga teacher in the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ method. This training is also good for  life/wellness coach, social workers, holistic healers, yoga teachers from other lineages, spiritual activists or anyone who wants more skill sets to go out and create positive change. The Urban Sadhu Yoga™ 300 hour Teacher Training  will help you become an instrument of positive change in your community. Yoga has the capability of making us a more conscious and compassion beings.The concepts and theory you learn in the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ 300 hour Teacher Training  will support you however you choose to apply this ancient wisdom. 


The most important thing is that you are drawn to this training, and the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ method. If you are unfamiliar with the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ method we suggest that you start a personal practice with us at the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Shala in person or online.






Urban Sadhu Yoga™ is a modern yogic movement that is born out of yoga’s ancient past and has been transformed into a contemporary modern spiritual movement. The Urban Sadhu Yoga™ 300 hour Teacher Training incorporates ancient yogic wisdom with contemporary standards of today’s modern yoga practice.




A sadhu (Sanskrit: साधु) is a holy person who actively practices a spiritual sadhana or follows a spiritual discipline, with the goal of becoming a “seer of truth.” Sadhus are yogis and traditionally are ascetics. The term sadhu appears in Rigveda and Atharvavada where it implies “the right path leading straight to the goal” moksha or liberation for the cycle of life, death and rebirth. The word comes from the root sadh, which means “reaching one’s goal”.

Some Frequently asked Questions

What will be taught at the Urban Sadhu teacher training?


The foundations of the training is based on classic teaching of yoga from Upanishads, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Tantra text. The style of asana is an “informed Vinyasa” or  intelligent sequencing. Some of the deeper topics to be focused in the training will be:

• Anatomy and Physiology

• Hands on assists of yoga asanas

• Usage of yoga props in a classroom setting

• Understanding of Vinyasa Krama

• Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Bija (seed) sequences

• Exploration of all Urban Sadhu Yoga™ class types

• Sanskrit Studies

• Living a yogic lifestyle

• Yoga Mythology

• Yoga asana and asana alinement

• Energetics of the body

• Pranayama

• Mediation

• Yoga Sastras such as Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita and Hatha Yoga Pradipika

• Vocal skills in the class room

• Yoga and ethics

• Small group practical teaching


And many other esoteric subjects dealing with the teachings of yoga. Below you will see how this is broken down. Below is a more detailed breakdown if any of the terms are unfamiliar to you. The training takes place on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) over a period of 3 months. There is about  5 hours of homework and preparation per week outside of class and a hundred hours of in class time, a total of 50 classes or a 3 class per week during the weekdays outside of the weekend training sessions. The extra classes outside the weekend sessions help integrate you into the Urban Sadhu Yoga Satsang or community. These classes can be does online but attending classes in person at the yoga shala is highly recommended. The Urban Sadhu Yoga™ training is designed so that you can complete the training with ease





Theory behind the system, philosophy, the 6 pillars of Urban Sadhu Yoga® and its incorporation in your yoga practice and life, our yoga linage explain how Urban Sadhu Yoga® was created and why the 3 Gunas are important in the Urban Sadhu Yoga® system.   


-Focused on Patanjali’s Yoga sutra, Mahabharata,  Bhagavad Gita,  Upanishads, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Vedic text and Tantric texts, basics Sanskrit language and the names of the asanas,  mythology, yogic lifestyle for a modern world and nutrition.


-physical and energetic alignment of asanas, “Informed Vinyasa” Krama and intelligent sequencing, yoga therapy and use of props, hands-on assistance, asana labs, anatomy, physiology, introduction to Yin Yoga.

Subtle Energy

-The subtle anatomy of nadis and chakras, chakra healing and meditation, Yoga Nidra, introduction to other systems that tap into this subtle energy, alternative energy healing: Reiki, acupuncture, and Arvada.


-The deeper understanding of prana as life force and how to use breathing techniques to control that shakti.


-Meditation techniques and concepts, what is the different in meditation and Yoga Nidra, what is mindfulness and self-reflection how is it different from meditation.


-Yoga is more than just asana, union and oneness, the use of Mantra, ritualism, japa meditation, and karma yoga, music that feeds the soul in a yoga class, becoming part of the Satsang (community).


-Development your voice with vocal training, express yourself, inspirational uplifting Dharma talks and weaving it into your vinyasa class, private lessons, workshops and special events, Music in the classroom


-What is Dharma, the importance of Ahimsa,  to touch or not to touch in a yoga class, Trauma-sensitive Yoga, inclusion in the yoga community, culture appropriation in yoga,  the role of being not just a yoga teacher but a spiritual activist in the world, the Urban Sadhu Yoga® Creed.


Money is shakti; we don’t like to talk about it, how to market myself in the oversaturated market of yoga teachers or should I market itself, does social media work anymore, what is the different between a good teacher and a popular teacher, building community.

Who can participate in the USY 300 TT?

• Those who want to be a Urban Sadhu Yoga™ teacher.

• Those new to teaching yoga and those with experience and certifications in other yoga lineages are welcome to sharpen their practical teaching skills and learn how to teach the Urban Sadhu Yoga™.

• Those who want to bring their yoga practice to a deeper level of understanding of the Urban Sadhu Yoga® Method.

• Those who are interested in satsang (community), spending time with like-minded people who are interested in yoga.

• Students who are interested in seeing yoga practice from the teacher’s perspective.

• Those who have taken a 200-hour Teacher Training elsewhere, and would like to delve more deeply into the teachings of yoga.

• Those who are Yoga Alliance Certified Teachers and need Continuing Education Credits (*please note that the availability of CE credits may vary).

• Those who want to incorporate yoga into their already existing occupations: life or wellness coach, physical therapist, reiki healer, sound therapist, nurse, school teachers, or any other profession where you come into direct contact with other people on a daily basis.

Can I take the USY 300 TT online?

No. This is an in-person yoga teacher training only. If this is your first yoga teacher training we highly recommend that you choose an in-person teacher training over an online teacher training. Teaching yoga is an interpersonal skill; we do not believe that can be achieved in a virtual setting.

What are the prerequisites for the USY 300 TT?

Applicants must have practiced the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Open Class a minimum of 15 times within the last 6 months, prior to the beginning of the teacher training orientation. You must provide documentation that this prerequisite has been completed. Documentation can be provided in various ways, for example by providing MindBody class attendance printouts, or a log with dates when classes were taken that has been initialed by the teacher(s). If you are unable to practice with a local Urban Sadhu Yoga® teacher or studio, we invite you to access our online Urban Sadhu Yoga™ classes through MindBody or at USYogaLive.com.


1. Light on Yoga Sutras, by B.K.S. Iyengar

2. The Art of Yoga Assists, by Sharon Gannon and David Life

3. Jivamukti Yoga: Practices for Liberating Body and Soul, by Sharon Gannon and David Life (chapter 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12)

4. Yoga Mythology: 64 Asanas and Their Stories, by Devdutt Pattanaik

5. Jaya: An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata, by Devdutt Pattanaik

6. The World Peace Diet: Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony, by Will Tuttle


All reading requirements can be found on Amazon for purchase.

Essay Requirements

You are required to write two essays to be handed in to the training’s facilitator on the first day of the training.

1. The first essay is to be based on The World Peace Diet: Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony by Will Tuttle, explaining why a vegan diet is important to spiritual health, social justice for all beings, and a more harmonious society.

2. The second essay is to be based on Light on Yoga Sutras, by B.K.S. Iyengar, focusing on Yoga Sutra II.46: in your own words explain why asana (seat or posture) should be steady and joyful. How are the yogi’s steadiness and joy reflected in their being and then projected into the world around them?


Essay Format:

• No fewer than 500 words; no more than 1000 words. Essay must fit on one page; no exceptions.

• Times New Roman, 11 point type, single spaced

• Your name on the top upper left of the page, followed by the title of your essay. In the case of the Yoga Sutra essay, the sutra, its translation and commentary should be included. Also, please credit the translation and commentary.

• Please check for spelling and grammar mistakes before handing in your essay.

Other Requirements

1. Urban Sadhu Beauty’s Tranquility Lavender Lotion

2. Urban Sadhu Beauty’s Invigoration

3. Spiral-bound notebook for extra notes

4. Pen or pencil

5. Personal yoga mat

What resource materials will I receive at the 300-hour Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Training?

1. 300-hour Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Training Student manual

2. The Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Chant Book

3. The Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Bija Sequencing book

4. The cost of tuition includes three months of unlimited class access to both our in-person and online classes at the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Shala during the three months of the course. You will be expected to attend a minimum of 1 class a week outside of the two classes you will attend during the weekend, for a total of 3 classes a week at the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Shala. However, we recommend a daily yoga asana practice at the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Shala. Classes at other yoga studios will not be counted.

Can I record or video the 300-hour Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Training for personal use?

No. The 300-hour Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Training material is copyright protected and therefore cannot be recorded for any reason.

What is the cost of the 300-hour Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Training?

The cost of the three-month (on weekends) 300-hour Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Training tuition is $4.300. 

Early Bird pricing is available. If you register before November 1, 2021, we will deduct $400.00 from the $4,300 cost.

**Please note that early bird pricing cannot be combined with the 75-hour TT Offset Credit.


You can pay for the 300-hour Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Training online or at the Urban Sadhu Yoga Shala.


Refund Policy: Partial or full refunds can be given under serious extenuating circumstances. The host shala will determine the best course of action under such circumstances, using the most compassionate approach to the students.   

Does Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Training offer any scholarships?

Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Training offers a limited number of scholarships to the 300-hour Urban Sadhu Yoga® Teacher Training at different levels of financial assistance. For full details on scholarships and for scholarship request requirements please email


Is the 300-hour Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Training Yoga Alliance certified?

No. There are multiple reasons why Urban Sadhu Yoga™ does not feel the need to be Yoga Alliance certified. After the training, if you wish to become Yoga Alliance certified, Yoga Alliance will gladly take your money for a certification from them.

What does my 300-hour Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Certification imply.

If you complete the course in full and meet all the requirements, this level of certification allows teachers: to call their classes Urban Sadhu Yoga™ classes (in accordance with the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher Certification Agreement); to advertise and list themselves as a 300-hour Certified Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Teacher; to be listed on the Urban Sadhu Yoga™ website as a current 300-hour Urban Sadhu Yoga™  Certified Teacher.

What happens if I miss part of the training?

For all classes/sessions/parts of this course it is crucial that you arrive on time. There will be no (partial or full) refund of the course fee if you miss any classes of the course. The main requirement for successfully completing the training and receiving the certificate is that you need to show up and be present and engaged at all sessions, complete all homework and lessons in full, take part in practical teaching practice, learn Urban Sadhu Yoga™ sequencing, and participate in the final reviews and test that are part of the 300-hour Urban Sadhu Yoga™ TT.


Please note that participation will be monitored, and a certificate of completion will only be issued if you take part in the full 300 hours of this course. It is up to the discretion of the hosting shala and the facilitator of the 300-hour training to grant a reasonable extension for a student to complete any work or to deny giving a student a certificate, stating the reason(s) in writing.


However, in case of missed classes or sessions, regardless of the reason for missing them, the certificate will only be issued if they have been completed, which might involve an additional fee to compensate the facilitator for taking the time to re-teach the missed parts of the program.

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