Jivamukti Yoga Studio With Social Distancing – Yoga Studio Open Now

Yoga studio now open

After four long months of being shut down, we are thrilled to announce that the Urban Sadhu Yoga Studio is open now. We have been working diligently with the Governor’s office as well as the officials from Jersey City and have received permission to reopen with 25% capacity as well as other restrictions. Please read all the requirements and changes on our COVID 19 page. Pre-registration will be required as well as online class purchases prior to coming into the studio. This will ensure a minimum of person to person contact in the studio. Please familiarize yourself with the new rules and requirements here. We know there are a lot of changes but it is in the best interests of everyone in order to get back into the studio in the safest environment possible. We know so many of you are anxious to get back to a regular practice so we are extremely happy about these developments.


We are happy to be able to offer in person classes. We have one of the largest spaces in Jersey City which allows us to make sure all our students are safe. To find out more about the new requirements please click on the image below.

urban sadhu yoga
why we left the jivamukti Brand

As many of you know, after much thought and careful deliberation, Austin and I have decided to leave the Jivamukti brand after 7 years of running Jivamukti Yoga Center Jersey City. This was not an easy decision but necessary for our financial well-being. Over the years, a dramatic increase in the number of studios in the area combined with the emergence of discounted programs made if virtually impossible to sell memberships.

Urban Sadhu Yoga Definition

Explorations DECEMBER 2020

This month Austin explains “The Six Pillars of Urban Sadhu Yoga”

The term dharma-megha appears just once in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras but it is reasonable to assume that this state of being is central to the entire yogic endeavor.  The yogic process is the attainment of the state of dharma-megha (a state of Cosmic Consciousness that ushers in moral perfection for the yogi), which has been the “holy grail” of the yoga tradition for thousands of years. 

LIsted below are both in person and virtual classes. If you register for a virtual class, you’ll get a link 30 minutes prior to the class.

weekly class schedule

Monday-Friday 7am-8am  Urban Sadhu Express

Monday-Friday 9:15am-10:30am 75min Urban Sadhu Open

Monday-Friday 6pm-7:15pm 75min Urban Sadhu Open

Saturday 9:30am-10:30am Urban Sadhu Express Kate

Saturday 11am-12:15pm 75min Urban Sadhu Open Kate

Saturday 1pm-2:15pm 75min Urban Sadhu Open Austin

Saturday 3pm-4:15pm Yin Sharon

Sunday 10am-11:15am 75min Urban Sadhu Open Austin

Sunday 12pm-1:15pm 75min Urban Sadhu Open Purnima

Sunday 2pm-3:15pm 75min Urban Sadhu Open Sam

Yoga Studio Open Now

Online Classes

We are pleased to offer weekday online classes at usyogalive.com . In addition to the live streamed classes, we have archived over 50 classes from various teachers on the site. Thank you for your ongoing support through this very difficult time. Pricing is $35 unlimited classes. You can cancel at any time. Not every class is live streamed but you can see the schedule here.

Urban Sadhu Yoga