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What is Urban Sadhu Yoga?

Urban Sadhu Yoga is a method of applying ancient yogic wisdom in a contemporary context. The Urban Sadhu Yoga Method is a modern, integrated Yoga method that incorporates many unique aspects of a traditional Yoga sadhana (practice) for the contemporary urban spiritual seeker. The method draws from the ancient yogic wisdom of India – Raja Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Nada Yoga, Jappa Yoga, and Bhakti Yoga – but does not exclude spiritual teachings from other cultures. Spiritual activism is a key component within the Urban Sadhu Method.

     While Raja Yoga, also known as Ashtanga Yoga (Eight Limbs of Yoga), does not acknowledge Kundalini shakti, both Tantra Yoga (ritualization through a daily yoga practice) and Hatha Yoga (yoga asana) do. Urban Sandhu Yoga utilizes the latter two in order to reach the ultimate goal of Raja Yoga, which is samadhi or union. To help guide the practitioner to the goal of union with the Higher Self, the Urban Sadhu Yoga Method is supported by six pillars, SADHANA, AHIMSA, SVADYAYA, DHYANA, AIKYAM, and DHARMA.

     Yoga should bring about harmony within, and that harmony should be expanded externally into the world around us. Yoga makes us better humans, more loving, insightful, grateful, and compassionate toward others.  These attributes are useless unless expressed in the outside world around us. Urban Sadhu Yoga expresses yoga in the world through spiritual activism focused on key issues such as veganism, environmentalism, and social justice for all beings. 

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new classes beginning in january

We are very excited to begin several new class types in January.

• Tri-Guna Yoga Class – In the Tri-Guna class the class is divided into three equal sections, giving equal time to the three energetics. 25 minutes vigorous Vinyasa Yoga, 25 minutes healing Yin Yoga, and 25 minutes pranayama and meditation with a final result of total yogic bliss.

• Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep) – Yoga Nidra is a form of Pratyahara (sensory withdrawal), where awareness is slowly drawn from the external world, the body, its functions, the mind, its thoughts and feelings, allowing us to connect to the deeper unconscious inner peace. 

• Pranayama Meditation – A new class beginning with breath work that allows us to enter a state of deep meditation with ease.

• Fundamentals & Foundational Vinyasa – Bringing back these classes.

For more info please see the updated schedule.

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why we left the jivamukti Brand

As many of you know, after much thought and careful deliberation, Austin and I have decided to leave the Jivamukti brand after 7 years of running Jivamukti Yoga Center Jersey City. This was not an easy decision but necessary for our financial well-being. Over the years, a dramatic increase in the number of studios in the area combined with the emergence of discounted programs made if virtually impossible to sell memberships.

Urban Sadhu Yoga Definition

Explorations February 2021
Aparigraha: The Forgotten Yama

This month Austin talks about forgotten Yama:  Aparigraha or non-gripping.

Of the five yamas, ahimsa (non-violation), satya (truthfulness), asteya  (non-stealing),  brahmacharya (sexual continence), and aparigraha (non-gripping)—it is often the fifth yama, aparigraha, that seems to get left out of the spot light. It might be because it’s last on the list. Maybe it’s the seemingly difficult pronunciation (a-par-i-gra-ha). Perhaps it appears somewhat similar to asteya….”don’t steal”, could sound a little like “don’t grip”, I guess? But for those living in a capitalist economy, gripping, holding on to and self-interest motivations are so deeply rooted in our psyche of success, it’s almost impossible to intellectually consider an opposite way of thinking and living one’s life.

LIsted below are both in person and virtual classes. If you register for a virtual class, you’ll get a link 30 minutes prior to the class.

weekly class schedule

Mon.-Tues. Thurs. 7am-8am  Urban Sadhu Express

Mon.-Tues. Thurs. 9:15am-10:30am 75min Urban Sadhu Open

Wed. Fri. 10:00am-11:15am 75min Urban Sadhu Open

Wed. Fri. 12:00pm-1:00pm Urban Sadhu Express

Monday-Friday 6pm-7:35pm 75min Urban Sadhu Open

Saturday 9:30am-10:30am Urban Sadhu Express

Saturday 11:00am-12:35:pm Urban Sadhu Fundamentals

Saturday 11am-12:15pm 75min Urban Sadhu Open Kate

Saturday 1pm-2:15pm 75min Urban Sadhu Open

Saturday 3pm-4:15pm Yin

Sunday 10am-11:15am 75min Urban Sadhu Open

Sunday 12pm-1:15pm 75min Urban Sadhu Open

Sunday 2pm-3:15pm 75min Urban Sadhu Open

Yoga Studio Open Now In Jersey City

Online Classes

Individual virtual classes are offered through the app or via the class schedule. A link is send out 30 min prior to class.


We are also pleased to offer an archive of online classes at usyogalive.com . Pricing is $35 per month for unlimited classes. You can cancel at any time..

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