Jivamukti Yoga Studio With Social Distancing – Yoga Studio Open Now

new classes beginning in january

We are very excited to begin several new class types in January.

• Tri-Guna Yoga Class – In the Tri-Guna class the class is divided into three equal sections, giving equal time to the three energetics. 25 minutes vigorous Vinyasa Yoga, 25 minutes healing Yin Yoga, and 25 minutes pranayama and meditation with a final result of total yogic bliss.

• Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep) – Yoga Nidra is a form of Pratyahara (sensory withdrawal), where awareness is slowly drawn from the external world, the body, its functions, the mind, its thoughts and feelings, allowing us to connect to the deeper unconscious inner peace. 

• Pranayama Meditation – A new class beginning with breath work that allows us to enter a state of deep meditation with ease.

• Fundamentals & Foundational Vinyasa – Bringing back these classes.

For more info please see the updated schedule.


We are happy to be able to offer in person classes. We have one of the largest spaces in Jersey City which allows us to make sure all our students are safe. To find out more about the new requirements please click on the image below.

urban sadhu yoga
why we left the jivamukti Brand

As many of you know, after much thought and careful deliberation, Austin and I have decided to leave the Jivamukti brand after 7 years of running Jivamukti Yoga Center Jersey City. This was not an easy decision but necessary for our financial well-being. Over the years, a dramatic increase in the number of studios in the area combined with the emergence of discounted programs made if virtually impossible to sell memberships.

Urban Sadhu Yoga Definition

Explorations January 2021
the goddess & the goat

This month Austin talks about herding cultures.

Some of the earliest spiritual traditions in human history are cults of wild animal worship and the worship of the female form and the womb, or cults of fertility.


To our primitive ancestors, wild animals were magical beings that possessed supernatural power. Wild animals were strong and fast, and could outmaneuver humans. 

LIsted below are both in person and virtual classes. If you register for a virtual class, you’ll get a link 30 minutes prior to the class.

weekly class schedule

Monday-Friday 7am-8am  Urban Sadhu Express

Monday-Friday 9:15am-10:30am 75min Urban Sadhu Open

Monday-Friday 6pm-7:15pm 75min Urban Sadhu Open

Saturday 9:30am-10:30am Urban Sadhu Express Kate

Saturday 11am-12:15pm 75min Urban Sadhu Open Kate

Saturday 1pm-2:15pm 75min Urban Sadhu Open Austin

Saturday 3pm-4:15pm Yin Sharon

Sunday 10am-11:15am 75min Urban Sadhu Open Austin

Sunday 12pm-1:15pm 75min Urban Sadhu Open Purnima

Sunday 2pm-3:15pm 75min Urban Sadhu Open Sam

Yoga Studio Open Now

Online Classes

Individual virtual classes are offered through the app or via the class schedule. A link is send out 30 min prior to class.


We are also pleased to offer an archive of online classes at usyogalive.com . Pricing is $35 per month for unlimited classes. You can cancel at any time..

Urban Sadhu Yoga